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Prosupport System

PROSUPPORT SYSTEM is the result of in-depth research by Progress Profiles. The system solves the problems typically associated with raised floors. Height can be adjusted thanks to an innovative modular system and supports with a self-levelling or flat head and 4 or 2 mm spacers, drainage holes and noise-proofing rubber. The system is built around PROSUPPORT PROFILE, a perimeter profile designed to protect and finish the outside edges of floors in ceramic tile, wood, marble and agglomerate materials. The vertical side of the profile has angled, dovetail fins to anchor risers using suitable adhesives. It is also available in a version with a 2 cm decorative border. These two patented design solutions for outdoor areas like terraces, swimming pool surrounds, pedestrian walkways and shared passages guarantee uniformity and continuity and combine attractive style, great functionality and the reliability of modern technology.

The system is made up of: