Prodeso heat grip membrane

The polyethylene membrane with uncoupling, waterproofing and vapour management features has a 8,5 mm thickness and a thermowelded non-woven fabric on the back side, which guarantees the adhesion to the substrate. The new membrane structure allows a perfect fixing of the heating cable and a crack-bridging ability 5 times more
than the PRODESO® HEAT.

    • ARTÍCULOWidth roll LxH lmCOLORSECCIÓNTot. m2
    • PDESHG 131/E(1 ml x 13 ml = 13 m2)ver colores13
    • PDESHG 451/E(1 lm x 4,5 lm = 4,5 m2)ver colores4,5