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PRODESO® SOUND SYSTEM is an uncoupling and sound-proofing membrane to be applied under the tile, which reduces of 17 Db the acoustic wave produced by footsteps. Thanks to its uncoupling function with PRODESO® SOUND SYSTEM it is possible the renovation of houses without removing the old flooring; it is enough to glue the membrane on the old flooring and directly on it, the new one, without being obliged to respect any expansion joints. The system, designed by Progress Profiles, offers a lot of advantages which guarantee maximum installation flexibility and protection of the flooring over time.
Speed: drastically reduces renovation times; since the installation of the membrane until the laying of the flooring it is possible to work without interruption.
Versatility: guarantees installation on any support, even of very big size.
Soundproofing: in just 3 mm, a very high noise reduction is achieved.

    • ARTÍCULOHxL rotolo (MT)COLORSECCIÓNrotolo x pallet
    • PDSND 301x20ver colores12

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