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Look into our eyes and we will tell you who we are

The courage to go beyond

Research, experimentation and innovation: Progress Profiles has always been ready to tackle new challenges with enthusiasm, to explore new ideas for development and to build exciting new synergies. We are committed to looking beyond the known horizon with far-sightedness and perspicacity. Our team is in perfect tune with the market and able to anticipate developing trends and satisfy the most evolved needs. Our customers, their needs, priorities and dreams are our sole point of focus. We have enjoyed over 39 years of worldwide success as a result. Over the generations, our family firm has become a global enterprise with steadily growing turnover.

A glance at the future

Intuition comes from looking to the future

Over 39 years of research and development applied to the most advanced materials and technologies on the market, and collaboration with talented young professionals in the areas of architecture and interior design have allowed Progress Profiles to create exclusive solutions that combine high performance and contemporary style. Everything is done with one precise objective: to invent a new way of living public and private space using profiles as creative and dynamic design features to add character and personality to any environment.

Practical experience and inspired creativity

Over 16000 square metres of indoor space and the latest generation of plant and equipment are dedicated to the production of innovative interior finishing solutions for residential and commercial applications. Our products come in all types of material and surface and are perfected by regular testing as well as massive and constant investment in advanced technology. Modern layouts and management methods ensure the systematic organisation of materials and products in our warehouse while advanced stock control software monitors orders in order to guarantee the prompt and efficient customer service for which we are rightly famous.

A way of working and a way of being

Maximum quality is integral to all design and production processes at Progress Profiles. In line with our ISO 9001:2015 certified Management System, we implement constant quality controls on our finished products, use only top quality materials and comply fully with the requirements of REACH and GREENTOP. Ours is a quality that can be seen and touched. Every one of our products is made in Italy, demonstrating how Italian talent crosses national borders to promote a new culture of excellence and a new way of living.

ISO 9001:2015 - UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Our aim is to serve all nations!

At Progress Profiles, we demonstrate our vitality through a courageous policy of internationalisation. Our well organised network of professional agents covers not only Italy but 70 countries around the world. Three subsidiaries, in North America, the Middle East and Oceania serve as nerve centres for our global business. We are also regular and active participants in our sector's top international exhibitions. We do everything we can to promote Italian excellence by actively engaging with new customers and seeking new opportunities for expansion to express our inexhaustible desire for growth.

Eyes wide open on innovation

Our four hundred square metres of showroom is complemented by a training area for employees, representatives, architects, engineers, surveyors, designers, retailers and installers. Our facilities are open to anybody in the industry who wants to learn more about the benefits of over 15.000 technical and design solutions. We offer practical demonstrations, instructional videos, seminars and workshops from professional trainers, certified by the CNA (the national council of Italian architects) and valid for the issue of training credits. Our Training Academy's professional development courses provide the skills and know-how needed to overcome the challenges of today's market.

People first

The Progress Profiles team is made up of a large number of professionals, technical specialists and sales people who support the process of business development with their energy and ideas, experience and commitment to shared objectives. Looking after this team is our company's top priority. We conform to the strictest standards in terms of health and safety and the design of pleasant work-spaces. We even provide an attractive, welcoming canteen and a roof garden for those valuable moments of relaxation.

Intelligent innovation for a better quality of life

Clean air, efficient lighting, a good view and clean, renewable energy are key features of the Progress Profiles HQ. This unique architectural space expresses our business values and proves that intelligent innovation can combine both sustainability and building automation. Constant research and the development of smart new solutions for wellbeing and energy saving mean a better quality of life. In accordance with our green environmental policy, our heating systems are powered by solar energy from a roof-top photovoltaic plant that produces 800 kWh, covers over 60% our annual energy needs and saves the emission of 390 tons of CO2 a year.