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Proshower System

PROSHOWER SYSTEM is an innovative solution that combines flexibility, functionality and style. The system offers a single, original answer to all kinds of drainage requirement. It is built around the exclusive PROSHOWER water collection channel, which offers a whole range of advantages. PROSHOWER is the only channel of its kind with a height from the substrate of only 85 mm. It is made entirely from AISI 304/1.4301 – V2A stainless steel and is available in five lengths. It even offers a choice of six different finishing grilles, also in stainless steel. PROSHOWER is also the only modular drainage channel to be electropolished and passivated to guarantee excellent resistance in all environments and a high level of hygiene to combat the proliferation of bacteria. It is also one of the few channels on the market with a 360° swivelling siphon and a patented watertight seal. The channel even has a built-in gradient to guide water towards the drain, avoiding stagnation and unpleasant odours. The siphon beneath the grille is also easy to inspect and clean. To ensure a finish to the highest standards, PROSHOWER should be used with PROSHOWER PROFILE and PROFOIL.