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Proshower System

A revolutionary system combining functionality and design at the highest levels can meet any specific needs for the shower room with a wide, versatile range of innovative and original solutions. A one-of-a-kind system enabling a single installer to create a whole shower using the available kit, with unprecedented aesthetic effects. Practical, fast and in tune with modern furnishing styles, it is made up of top-quality elements and finishes. The heart of the system is PROSHOWER, an exclusive water collecting duct that stands out on the market for its numerous pluses. It is the only one with a flush-floor height of only 85 mm, entirely made of AISI 304 / 1.4301 – V2A steel, available in five different lengths and equipped with six different finish grids also made of stainless steel, for a touch of contemporary design. The only modular one, subject to electro-polishing and subsequent passivation that guarantee exceptional resistance in any environment and a high level of hygiene preventing bacterial proliferation. It is one of the few available on the market that is equipped with a fully adjustable siphon with patented watertight coupling. The duct is inclined inside to make water flow towards the drain and prevent malodorous water stagnation; moreover, the siphon under the grid can be easily inspected and cleaned. The PROFOIL membrane guarantees proper, easy and long-lasting waterproofing; the inclined XPS PROSHOWER PANEL shower tray ensures perfect slope and reduced installation times, while the profiles of the PROSHOWER PROFILE line frame the perimeter of the shower tray and hold any glass slabs in place. Every single component of the system has been studied in detail to make installation easier and create a workmanlike shower of any size.