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Prodeso® Heat Grip System

A revolutionary system under the banner of flexibility, innovation and energy efficiency, particularly suitable for residential and commercial premises such as offices, showrooms and any high-energy class location. The new system consists of three elements: PRODESO HEAT GRIP MEMBRANE, PRODESO HEAT GRIP CABLE and PRODESO HEAT GRIP THERMOSTAT KIT.  The membrane is made of polyethylene to ensure less stiffness and to simplify installation, whereas its new patented geometry, featuring undercut low reliefs, guarantees floor tear resistance 5 times higher than the old system model, as well as ensuring perfect heating cable anchorage. Optimised channels provide better release, while latest generation cables consisting of several 60 cm long heating elements are series mounted. This way, they can be cut and added on site, and are practically indestructible. As a matter of fact, in case of damage, the damaged heating element will stop working but not the whole cable. This is a major plus that makes Progress Profiles stand out in the market as the first company to use constant power heating cables combined with membranes. The cutting-edge thermostat interfaces with Android and Apple devices for programming all adjustments and settings even remotely through a Wi-Fi network.