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Prodeso® Heat/Stick System

The electric underfloor and wall PRODESO® HEAT SYSTEM, conceived, created and patented by Progress Profiles, is an innovative system providing a pleasantly warm, extremely comfortable environment on the double and at a low cost. Suitable for any type of subfloor thanks to the membrane’s separation and waterproofing functions, this system makes it possible for you to adjust both the temperature and switch-on times through a technologically advanced thermostat, thus significantly optimising consumption. Also available in the cutting-edge PRODESO® HEAT STICK  self-adhesive version, designed for non-absorbent wood and ceramic subfloors, PRODESO® HEAT SYSTEM can be easily and quickly installed in any conditions and on any substrate, is just 5.5 mm thick - and thus considerably thinner than any other system - and requires no maintenance over time. Boasting all the benefits of hydronic systems, PRODESO HEAT/STICK SYSTEM provides two functions in a single product that other systems do not have: separation/waterproofing/vapour release and electric heating. Smart technology and a responsible choice that puts the values of eco-sustainability and energy saving in the forefront, in perfect harmony with the trends of contemporary architecture and the most advanced home automation. A world of warm well-being in tune with nature and the environmental protection of our planet.