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Proleveling Wedge System

Ideal for any flooring indoors and outdoors, PROLEVELING WEDGE SYSTEM is an innovative levelling system for tiles featuring all the details deemed important for workmanlike laying in a single solution. The system is made up of 3 elements: leveller, wedge and pliers. Levellers are available for 1/1.5/2 and 3 mm grout lines and suitable for 3-to-12-mm and 12-to-20-mm thick tiles. The leveller’s innovative eye shape and the holes in its base make it easier to fit it under the tiles in addition to helping the glue penetrate through the holes, thereby reducing tile movement during pulling. The 90 mm long and 22 mm wide wedge is fitted into the leveller during laying and, thanks to fix pliers, flatness can be obtained between adjacent tiles. When the adhesive has hardened, it is necessary to kick the wedges and the protruding part of the levellers along the grout line direction. In addition to the innovative shape of the leveller, the unmatched pluses of the PROLEVELING WEDGE SYSTEM are the direct attachment of spacers onto the base, a greater adhesion surface between the adhesive and the tile and the different colours available for each item.