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prodeso® eco/stick membrane

PRODESO® ECO/STICK is an uncoupling and waterproofing membrane for problematic supports and horizontal surface of any size that does not require expansion joints in the screed before laying ceramic and natural stone tiles. PRODESO® ECO ensures the laying of every flooring also in case of cracked and not perfectly cured substrates and therefore with possible vapor pressure and in case of old tiles. Membrane in high density polyethylene provided with a grid structure of square cavities, each cut back in a dovetail configuration. On the back side it is provided with a non-woven thermo-welded polypropylene fabric that guarantees the adhesion with the adhesive.

• Use - Uncoupling membrane for substrates before laying ceramic and natural stone floors.On cement screeds also cracked and not completely cured, existing ceramic flooring and natural stones anchored to the substrate, concrete not completely cured and wooden structures. Very resistant to saline, acid and alkaline solutions, alcohol and oils. In case of particular products, contact the technical office.
• Don’t use - On lightweight screeds not suitable for the laying of flooring.
Protect the membrane during installation using walking boards along the main routes. Do not use on substrates subject to continuous rising of water. For furher information contact our technical department.

The system is made up of: