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Prodeso® Eco/Stick System

PRODESO® ECO is an innovative system consisting of a separation and waterproofing membrane, a waterproof strip for sealing between adjacent rolls and along perimeter fittings, two waterproof adhesives for fixing the strip, and a few perimeter and central drains easily connected to the waterproofing system. It is recommended as an ideal solution for problematic subfloors and horizontal surfaces of any size without expansion joints in the screed, before laying ceramic and natural stone tiles. It is suitable for the installation of any flooring, even with cracked and not perfectly cured substrates and, therefore, subject to vapour pressure, as well as in case of overlapping. The membrane is made of high-density polyethylene and features dovetail-shaped square cavities; it is heat sealed at the bottom to a non-woven polypropylene fabric that guarantees adhesion to the substrate (ceramic flooring, marble-chip floor tiles, existing natural stones anchored to the subfloor, concrete, even if not completely cured, and wooden subfloors). The system is also available in the PRODESO® ECO STICK self-adhesive version for exclusively indoor, wooden and ceramic substrates. Very resistant to saline, acid and alkaline solutions, to alcohol and oils, PRODESO ECO / STICK SYSTEM  can solve any surface problem.