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In line with market requirements and the most advanced trends in contemporary architecture, Progress Profiles offers an ever wider and more innovative range of systems, equipped with accessories, to simplify and optimise installation, with a view to fulfilling the specific functional and aesthetic needs of any type of residential or commercial indoor and outdoor spaces. Applicable to new buildings and renovations, Progress Profiles Systems are the result of intense research and development carried out over years of experience and experimentation, that have witnessed the company attracting more and more customers as an excellent technical partner providing exhaustive services. Designed in utmost detail, the systems offer creative, practical, fast solutions the most part of which is covered by international patents combining high technology, great mechanical performance, maximum adhesion and safety, with a special focus on technical and aesthetic design. Each element making up the system plays a key role in making it unique and performing to guarantee workmanlike installation, under the banner of the best quality/price/implementation time ratio, which evolves along with new lifestyles and a modern concept of mobile and dynamic space.