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Prodrain System

Ideal solution for all outdoor premises that require continuous primary waterproofing, to be externally applied on suitably waterproofed sloping floors, such as terraces and balconies, and in contact with waterproofed vertical structures, such as foundation walls, before filling the excavation. The PRODRAIN 10 system consists of a draining membrane made of a blue high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet, featuring truncated conical reliefs with circular bases, topped with a heat-sealed, waterproof polypropylene non-woven fabric.  The membrane has a high resistance to saline, acid, alkaline solutions, alcohol and oils. The PRODRAIN system can be used to create: under-screed drainage to prevent efflorescence and breakages related to water in the screed when mortar floors such as porphyry and quartzite are laid; waterproofing protection  to protect the bituminous membrane from direct contact with the screed, ensuring longer durability of the system; prevention of capillary lifts thanks to the application of the 180-degrees-rotated membrane under the screed (blue slab at the top) which creates a 1 cm air gap.

The system is made up of: