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Prosupport Tube System

Ideal for laying raised outdoor floorings, PROSUPPORT TUBE SYSTEM is a patented system of modular, adjustable substrates for the creation of 29-to-1000-mm high raised outdoor floors. The system consists of 1 base, 2 screws, 1 ring nut, 2 heads, and a few tubes for the required height to be reached. The two heads, depending on how the screw is applied, can be fixed or self-levelling. The strength of this system, which makes it unique in the market, is the reduced number of pieces it consists of. As a matter of fact, the same head can be used for both fixed and self-levelling laying, and up-to-one-metre heights can be reached by simply changing the height of tubes, which can be purchased directly by the end user and cut on site. The PROSUPPORT TUBE SYSTEM is proposed as the most practical, fast and flexible system to reach the desired height.