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Prodeso® Membrane System

A separation and waterproofing system, PRODESO® MEMBRANE SYSTEM is the ideal solution in indoor and outdoor premises for problematic, uncured substrates, terraces, balconies and horizontal surfaces of any size, as a separation system when installing large formats, and with hydronic underfloor heating systems, when using thinner screeds is required due to space reasons.  Thanks to this system, expansion joints can be avoided in the screed and, if any, they can be bypassed when laying ceramic and natural stone tiles. PRODESO® MEMBRANE SYSTEM, designed by Progress Profiles, offers several advantages to ensure the utmost laying flexibility, floor protection and guarantee over time inside and outside the home. Its plus points include primarily speed, because it dramatically cuts on-site times, since both the membrane and the flooring can be laid in an uninterrupted way. Versatility and elasticity because, thanks also to its particular composition in low density polyethylene and polypropylene, it is suitable for installation on any substrate, even large-sized ones, both indoors and outdoors. Waterproofing and safety, as it guarantees subfloor waterproofing even in case of overlapping as well as on cracked and not perfectly cured substrates and, therefore, subject to vapour pressure.