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Profoil System

A complete waterproofing system, PROFOIL SYSTEM revolutionises the way of waterproofing indoor and outdoor showers and swimming pools, as it can be immediately tiled. The system consists of several elements. Starting from PROFOIL, a polyethylene waterproofing membrane provided on both sides with heat-sealed polypropylene, non-woven fabric, ensuring high adhesion to the substrate. The thin-layered elastic sheath PROFOIL PASTE is highly workable, hydrophobic and ready to use for waterproofing curved structures and niches where applying the PROFOIL membrane would be complicated. PROBAND FIX is a one-component, water-hardening sealant based on terminal silane polymers to waterproof seal adjacent rolls of PROFOIL with PROBAND 150. The PROBAND 150 waterproof polyethylene tape, provided on both sides with non-woven polypropylene fabric, guarantees perfect bonding. With PROFOIL SYSTEM, complete with all its special pieces such as the internal and external corners and the sealing dowel, environments in direct or occasional contact with water, such as swimming pools, bathrooms and kitchens, and with high vapour pressure such as saunas and wellness centres, can be easily waterproofed.