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Profoil Panel System

A new generation system, PROFOIL PANEL SYSTEM is used to waterproof and even rectify walls, create new ones, build structures of any type, compensate for thicknesses and thermally insulate. The system can be immediately tiled and consists of extruded polystyrene panels with a 48 kg/m3 density, coated on both sides with a water and steam proof membrane. The panels, suitable for indoor applications, are stiffened by the waterproof membrane as well as the adhesive used to fix them, and are designed and tested for resistance and durability over time. That is why they are suitable as a substrate for tiles, as well as for waterproofing and creating structures and load-bearing walls. The panels, available with thicknesses of 6.35 / 9.5 / 12.7 / 15.9 / 25 / 38.1 and 50.8 mm, and in 91.5 x 152.4 / 270 cm sizes, can be laid indoors on walls, floors and ceilings. Designed for work to be carried out quickly and cost-effectively, the system is suitable in indoor premises for heat-insulating floors, walls and ceilings . The panels can indeed be applied on rough walls, old subfloors and floors, fixed wood and metal structures, to create partitions, kitchen tops, washbasins, shelves and furniture of various types.