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Prodeso® Sound System

Highly innovative system, unique in its kind for its high sound absorption and availability in rolls, PRODESO® SOUND SYSTEM is particularly recommended in case of renovations, if noise reduction is required. Moreover, thanks to its separation and waterproofing properties for indoor application, it is suitable for laying large formats. The system consists of an adhesive perimeter strip - a paper tape for the connection between adjacent rolls and the perimeter strip - and a high-density polyethylene and polypropylene membrane. The separation and sound-absorbing membrane, to be applied under the tile, enables a 17 Db reduction of the impact sound wave. Thanks to the separation feature of PRODESO® SOUND SYSTEM, houses can be renovated without having to demolish old floorings; the membrane just needs to be glued onto the old flooring and the new one directly onto it, without having to include any existing expansion joints. A brilliant solution designed by Progress Profiles to ensure the utmost laying flexibility, floor protection and durability over time, under the banner of the highest living comfort.

The system is made up of: