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Proledlight System

Innovative LED line by Progress Profiles, PROLEDLIGHT SYSTEM includes profiles for coverings, steps and baseboards, that are easy to install and of great aesthetic value, intended for modern, trendy premises, where a warm atmosphere and impressive optical effects play a key role. The system consists of a slat, a step and two baseboards. The versatility of the system lies in the fact that any adhesive LED strip can be used with our profiles and applied not only anywhere indoors, in premises that are not in contact with water, but also along perimeter paths and steps for lighting purposes. A system that reinvents the profile concept by bringing into play the lighting element as a brilliant, original creative solution for a new way of furnishing and experiencing public and private spaces, enriching them with uniqueness, dynamism and an impressive aesthetic-emotional dimension. A project in pure contemporary style, the result of advanced research and development carried out jointly with young, original professionals from the architecture world, highly appreciated by technicians and manufacturers and aimed at experimenting with new solutions capable of meeting specific technical and design needs in the creative furnishing of public and residential premises. A real art of furnishing in a new light.