Proband 150/250

Waterproofing tape in elastic polythene with an unwoven polypropylene coating on both sides for enhanced grip.


PROBAND 150/250 is a waterproofing elastic polyethylene ribbon with polypropylene nonwoven on both side that guarantees high adhesion to the support.
  • ROLLS in HDPE and PP - thickness 0,42 mm

    • ARTICLELargh. Rotolo H mm x L mlCOLORSECTIONrotoli x scatola
    • PRBPE 1505150 x 5View colours10
    • PRBPE 1530150 X 30View colours6
    • PRBPE 2505250 x 5View colours5
    • PRBPE 2530250 x 30View colours3
    • • Use 
      Terraces, balconies and external surfaces of any dimension. To realize waterproofing joints between floor
      and wall and along the joints between two sheet of PROFOIL, PRODESO and with WATERSTOP SYSTEM.
      • Don’t use
      On bituminous coverings, over insulating panels and lightweigh cement substarte. Don’t use with solvent
      based adhesive.
        Store in a cool and dry place avoiding direct sunlight and sources of heat. Read the data sheet before applying, in case of special applications call the technical department.

Laying examples

Available colours