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Prokerlam line

A slender profile for creating a very thin gap, for use with thin ceramic tiles. Protects corners and creates an elegant, high-tech and eye-catching finish.

ANODISED and POLISHED ALUMINIUM silver, chrome and gold

PROKERLAM line is a new product conceived and designed with an almost invisible thin profile in order to reduce separation of the material to a minimum, for laying thin ceramic tiles: Kerlite/Laminam, and for mosaic. The notching created at the ends of the profiles allows the glue / adhesive to anchor perfectly to the profile. It protects the corner creating a technical-chromatic effect that is of great aesthetic value. Available in these colours AA – Silver anodized aluminium , BC – Chromed polished aluminium, e BO – Gold polished aluminium, with a height of 4,5 mm, and in new heights of 10 mm and 12,5 mm.
  • Silver anodized aluminium - thermo packed bar length 2,7 LM - packaging 40 Pcs - 108 LM

    • PKLLAA 1010Anodised Silver Aluminium
    • PKLLAA 12512,5Anodised Silver Aluminium
    • PKLLAA 0454,5Anodised Silver Aluminium
  • CHROME / GOLD / POLISHED ALUMINIUM - thermo packed bar length 2,7 LM - packaging 40 Pcs - 108 LM

    • PKLLBC 1010Polished Chrome Aluminium
    • PKLLBC 12512,5Polished Chrome Aluminium
    • PKLLBC 0454,5Polished Chrome Aluminium
    • PKLLBO 0454,5Polished Gold Aluminium

Laying examples

Available sections

  • PKLLAA 10
  • PKLLAA 125
  • PKLLAA 045
  • PKLLBC 10
  • PKLLBC 125
  • PKLLBC 045
  • PKLLBO 045