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Projolly low thicknesses

An aluminium profile available in various surface finishes. Facilitates the installation of Kerlite/Laminam, mosaic and resin coverings. Can be used for outside corners and for finishing wall coverings, decking, stairs, swimming pools, etc.


“PROJOLLY kerlite / MOSAICO” is an aluminium profile with various surface finishes studied and designed to facilitate the laying of Kerlite/laminam, mosaic and resins. It is also used as a finishing square for terminating wall coverings, raised platforms, steps, bath tubs, pools etc. It guarantees flawless work done with care that is of great aesthetic value. It strengthens the kerlite / mosaic edge with a round finish by avoiding chipping and breakages. Available in seven finishes: 2 shiny: Polished Chrome and Gold and 2 matt Silver and Gold and 3 shiny brushed Silver, Copper, and Titanium.

Laying examples