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EXPANDED VINYL RESIN - 16 finishes (4 matching colors and 12 wood finishing)

ANGLE BAR produced in expanded PVC in 16 finishes: 4 colours in semi-matt, black-grey-white and 12 wood finishes used to protect angles. Laying is done by gluing (acetic silicone - acrylic-mastic) or using screws or nails. Attractive, strong, hardwearing and economic, it is easy to lay and ideal for many public premises (hospitals, schools, gymnasiums, rest homes and creative areas) and private environments. Easy to match with many wood species.
  • EXPANDED VINYL RESIN (black - light and dark grey - white) bar length 3 ML - pack. 40 Pcs - 120 LM

  • EXPANDED VINYL RESIN (12 wood finishing) bar length 3 LM - pack. 40 Pcs - 120 LM