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Probath flex

A co-extruded, flexible, hygienic, concave profile in non-toxic, mould-resistant vinyl resin, for use around bath and hydromassage tubs, shower enclosures and between walls and worktops.


PROBATH FLEX 20 & PROBATH FLEX 15 are flexible co- extruded hygienic concave square connectors to apply in the traditional and Whirlpool baths with regular and irregular shapes or between walls and work tops. (ex. coverings). It can be used for shower units. It facilitates the cleaning in the inner angles and prevents from infiltrations and the appearance of silicone that has been blackened by time. Resistant to detergents and solvents normally used for interior cleaning. In co-extruded anti-mould non toxic shockproof vinyl resin and white flexible. The outer/inner and three ways angles connectors, the locking caps and the joints facilitate and improve the laying. Available only for PROBATH 20 & PROBATH FLEX 20 models.
  • FLEXIBLE WHITE VYNIL RESIN bar length 2,5 ML - packaging 40 Pcs - 100 LM

Available colours

Available sections

  • PSBF 15-01
  • PSBF 20-01
  • CORNER JOINTS inside / outside and three-ways (for PSB 20 - PSBF 20) - packaging 50 Pcs

    • TRI 25-01 (ang int)-
    • TRE 25-01 (ang est)-
    • TRT 25-01 (ang tre vie)-
    • TRC 25-01 (chiusura)-
    • TGN 25-01 (giunzioni)-