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A low, rounded transition profile for creating rounded joins between height differences of 7 to 13 mm where no profile was installed previously.


PRONIVO is a transition and edging profile with a rounded shape in anodised aluminium with tap-down edge. It is ideal to give a cleancut, elegant finish when joining and compensating differences in level of floors that are already laid and in differing or same materials e.g. ceramic tiles-wood-parquet. With its rounded shape it compensates for differences in thickness between 7 and 13 mm where no profile was installed at the time of laying. PRONIVO ensures a perfect finish and is easy to lay with the self-adhesive backing guaranteeing perfect adherence to the floor.
  • ANODISED ALUMINIUM self-adhesive - thermo packed bar length 2,7 LM - pack.30 Pcs - 81 LM

    • PNV... 713Alug-13View colours
    • Available in the finishes: AO - AA. The code of the selected colour must be added to the article code. E.g.: PNV... 713A (chosen finish Anod. Gold) PNVAO 713A.

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