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Proflex al

A high strength expansion joint in natural aluminium, for use with various kinds of floor. Provides effective protection for the edges of tiles.


PROFLEX AL is an expansion joint in natural aluminium with the interchangeable PVC/rubber insert. It is available in black, grey, beige or ivory and serves to fabricate expansion joints for ceramic tile, marble or granite floors and any floor laid with glue/adhesive between 8 and 20 mm thick. The special structure of the joint is designed to protect the corners of the tiles and its high strength withstands frequent pedestrian and vehicular (lift trucks, pallet trucks, cars) traffic. The joint must be placed level with or 0.5-1 mm below the floor level, never above. HIGH RESISTANCE TO HEAVY LOADS AND TO FREQUENT PALLET TRUCK AND LIFT TRUCK TRAFFIC.
  • NATURAL ALUMINIUM + VINYL RESIN / RUBBER INSERT bar length 2,5 LM - pack. 20 Pcs - 50 LM

    • PFXAL 08...8View colours
    • PFXAL 10...10View colours
    • PFXAL 125...12,5View colours
    • PFXAL 15...15View colours
    • PFXAL 20...20View colours
    • Insert available in the colours: G - N (Beige and Ivory available upon request with a minimum quantity order of 500 LM). The code of the selected colour must be added to the article code. E.g.: PFXAL 08... (chosen insert colour Grey) PFXAL 08G.
  • VINYL RESIN / RUBBER INSERT bar length 2,5 LM - pack. 40 Pcs - 100 LM

    • ARTICLEL x H mm
    • IGCN (nero)14 X 6
    • IGCG (grigio)14 X 6
    • IGCB (beige)14 X 6
    • IGCA (avorio)14 X 6