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Procarpet ott

A natural and polished brass profile for joining two floor sections of different thickness. A vertical edge of less than 4 mm ensures a perfect join.


PROCARPET OTT is a profile in brass (natural or polished) used for joining two floors of differing thickness and in particular for joining a tiled or parquet floor to wall-to-wall carpeting, making a perfect join thanks to the vertical part of less than 4 mm. In addition to completely protecting the edge of the higher floor, this particularly sturdy profile withstands high loads and supports the frequent passage of manual trolleys, vehicles and intense pedestrian traffic.
  • NATURAL BRASS thermo packed 5 Pcs bar length 2,7 LM - packaging 20 Pcs - 54 LM

  • POLISHED BRASS - thermo packed bar length 2,7 LM - packaging 20 Pcs - 54 LM

Available colours