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An uncoupling profile in natural brass for technical joints in marble, terrazzo and palladiana floors that require polishing after laying.

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PROLEVIGAL BRASS are separating profiles used to create the technical joint in the special types of pavements such as marble- Venice- palladium ones, that must be smoothed after their laying process. The particular “L” shape with the cut/drilled base and 2,5 mm thick vertical edge consent the perfect smoothing and constant thickness as well. Available in natural aluminium and natural brass, various thickness, as well in outlined/bent PROLEVIGAL CURVES BRASS versions.
  • NATURAL BRASS bar length 2,7 LM - packaging 40 Pcs - 108 LM (H: 15 17,5 20 mm - 54 LM)

    • PLGON 088Natural Brass
    • PLGON 1010Natural Brass
    • PLGON 12512,5Natural Brass
    • PLGON 1515Natural Brass
    • PLGON 17517,5Natural Brass
    • PLGON 2020Natural Brass

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