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Prostair wood

A stair profile in real oak wood with a bullnose, rounded shape and an aluminium base. Provides an elegant edge for ceramic tile, cotto and wood stairs.


PROSTAIR WOOD is a step nosing profile in real oak with aluminium base. Its rounded “torus/convex” shape makes a perfect and elegant nosing for stairs and steps in ceramic-tile-terracotta-wood for indoor and outdoor environments. Attractive. PROSTAIR WOOD may be treated and painted subsequently at the time of laying, according to the finishes chosen for the staircase.
  • NATURAL OAK + ALUMINIUM BASE bar length 2,7 LM - pack. 10 Pcs - 27 LM

  • NATURAL OAK + ALUMINIUM BASE bar length 1,20 (PTRW 1020, 12520, 1520)-1,80 LM (PTRW 1080, 12580, 1580) - pack. 10 Pcs - 12/18 LM