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Proposte all’avanguardia arricchiscono la già ampia e articolata gamma di prodotti firmati Progress Profiles, in sintonia con i più evoluti trend del mercato e con le più innovative tendenze architettoniche e d’arredo.


PRODESO® DRAIN SYSTEM is a new generation patented innovative membrane which waterproofs the support and drains the water in the adhesive under the tile. Thanks to the air chamber below the floor, a micro-ventilation facilitates the drying of the adhesive, even in case of large size tiles, and reduces significantly efflorescence formation and triacetate rising in joints.
The uncoupling and vapour management properties of PRODESO® DRAIN allow its laying even on non perfectly cured substrates. Easy and quick to install, it has an overall thickness of only 5 mm and its application does not require the use of special adhesives. Versatility is a fundamental quality of this product; thanks to its characteristics it is the right solution for installation in any environment, indoor and outdoor. PRODESO® DRAIN is a draining and waterproofing membrane composed of a high density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet, a non-woven water-permeable polypropylene fabric and a non-woven polypropylene fabric. The cyan-coloured polyethylene sheet consists of conical truncated studs each with a circular base of 4.5 mm height, on which a non-woven polypropylene water-permeable grey fabric is thermo-welded. The membrane underside has a non-woven fabric in hydrophobic polypropylene glued to polyethylene, which extends on one side by about 7.5 cm; This fabric is waterproof for about 15 cm with a polypropylene film that ensures the gluing of the membrane to the support.


Progress Profiles innovative and patented PRODESO® HEAT SYSTEM for electrical walls and floors heating ensures pleasant warm and comfortable environment with short laying times and at low cost. The system can be used on all kinds of substrate thanks to the membrane uncoupling and waterproofing properties. Temperature and operating times can be controlled from a latest generation thermostat that also guarantees significant savings in energy costs. The system is quick and easy to install in all conditions (*) and has an overall thickness of only 5.5 mm, far thinner than any alternative system. It is also maintenance free over time. This smart, responsible technology supports the growing demand for sustainable solutions and energy saving while also satisfying the needs of contemporary architecture and evolved home automation. A world of natural, warm wellbeing.


PRODESO® ECO is an uncoupling and waterproofing membrane for problematic supports and horizontal surface of any size that does not require expansion joints in the screed before laying ceramic and natural stone tiles. PRODESO® ECO ensures the laying of every flooring also in case of cracked and not perfectly cured substrates and therefore with possible vapor pressure and in case of old tiles. Membrane in high density polyethylene provided with a grid structure of square cavities, each cut back in a dovetail configuration. On the back side it is provided with a non-woven thermo-welded polypropylene fabric that guarantees the adhesion with the adhesive


This waterproofing system is composed mainly by the elastic membrane PROFOIL PRO or by PROFOIL membrane and other several elements.
PROFOIL PRO is a waterproofing elastic polyethylene membrane with nonwoven polypropylene fabric on both side that guarantees high adhesion to the support;
PROFOIL: waterproofing membrane in polyethylene provided on both sides with non-woven polypropylene thermo-welded fabric that guarantees a high adhesion to the support;
PROFOIL PASTE: thin-layer elastic membrane, with a high workability and hydrophobicity, quick and ready to use. It is suitable to waterproof curved structures and niches where the application of the PROFOIL membrane would be difficult;
PROBAND FIX: single component, moisture-curing sealant with silane polymers to waterproof adjacent rolls of PROFOIL using PROBAND 150;
PROBAND 150: waterproof tape in polyethylene provided on both sides with non-woven polypropylene fabric that guarantees its bonding;
With PROFOIL SYSTEM, complete with all special pieces  as the internal and external corner and the sealing dowel it is possible to waterproof environments in direct or occasional contact with water such as pools, bathrooms and kitchens, and with high vapour pressure such as saunas and wellness centres.


Essential lines and a design that blends with your wall. Ceramic is a material that accumulates heat and radiates it evenly. PROHEATER by Progress Profiles is our new range of tiled heating systems with a modern design, to furnish your bathroom with elegance. A unique product on the market, thanks to the latest generation programmable WIFI thermostat, it is possible to switch on the system even remotely and your environment will always be warm and comfortable. PROHEATER is definitely an elegant piece of furniture heating your bathroom or any other part of your house.


The newcomers to the PROGRESS PROFILES product range are the PROSHELF and PROSHELF DESIGN. These furnishing accessories for the shower and kitchen are not only functional, but their contemporary design give them an elegant and minimalist look. Manufactured in stainless steel  AISI 316 / 1.4404-V4A  with special perforated fixing tabs that can be easily installed  when tiling the wall. They can hold all your daily personal care products, giving comfort and convenience of use. Available in triangle shape with size 170x240mm and 221x300mm for corner installation and rectangle shape 115x300mm and 150x400mm for wall installation The PROSHELF version is tile-in shelf that assures a perfect continuity of the surface whereas the thin-shaped PROSHELF DESIGN enhances its minimalist design.


PROTERRACE SYSTEM is an innovative system for terraces and balconies projected by Progress Profiles to protect the edges of the tiles, the screed from water infiltrations and to allow a correct outflow of water. A complete and articulated range of multi-functional perimeter profiles, in powder varnished aluminium, in the shades white, gray, anthracite gray, dark brown, corten (on request beige) and stainless steel, which replace the ceramic “L corner pieces” and the thresholds in marble. The profiles are equipped with a punched flange, which guarantees a perfect grip with the adhesive, a vertical side that protects the screed from water infiltration and covers the edge of the flooring. The Drain version is completed with an innovative drip-guard and holes that allow the outflow of infiltered water between profile and tiles. A system of excellence to enhance and protect exterior environments and restore full liveability, in ideal continuity with the interiors.


Proleveling System is a revolutionary and innovative system to make the laying easy and quick only with two elements (leveller and tie-rod). A complete range of levellers in form of cross, T and linear of 1, 2, 3 and 5 mm, for floor and wall with thickness from 3 to 40 mm.
The white levellers in form of T and cross, and the light blue linear levellers have a threaded pin where the tie rod should be screwed. The tie rod in transparent polyethylene has holes to check if tiles and joints are aligned.
Other parts of the system are:
PROTECTION CAP: to protect the surface of floors as marbles, natural stones and polished porcelain tiles from possible scratches due to the tie rod rotation.
UNSCREWING DEVICE: to remove the broken levellers from tie rod using a drill.
PROLEVELING WEDGE SYSTEM: the leveling system with wedges improved in efficiency, ergonomics and in compliance with regulations, thanks to the fins directly fixed on the base.
MULTISPACER: patented multi-thickness spacer reusable over tile with the function of laying cross, T and linear in a single product.


PRORAIL SYSTEM is a modular system composed of aluminium joists to lay floating floors of any size, to create steady and modular substructures together with PROSUPPORT TUBE and PROSUPPORT SLIM. The system consists of two aluminium joists, PRORAIL and PRORAIL RET, one fastening ring PRORAIL RING, two cross spacers with removable flaps PRORAIL SPACER and one anti-noise and anti-slip rubber PRORAIL RUBBER


PROSUPPORT TUBE SLIM is a modular system to make outdoor floating floors from 10 to 40 mm height, it is composed of two bases of 10 mm height, levellers of 10 mm thickness and anti-noise and anti-slip disks. Thanks its modularity the system allows to make, from a height of 10 mm, all heights with 2 mm interval using the levellers.