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NEWS 2022

Proposte all’avanguardia arricchiscono la già ampia e articolata gamma di prodotti firmati Progress Profiles, in sintonia con i più evoluti trend del mercato e con le più innovative tendenze architettoniche e d’arredo.


PRODESO® DRAIN 5 is a uncoupling membrane which creates an “air chamber” below the floor favoring the micro-ventilation. This “air chamber” facilitates the fast and smooth drying of the adhesive, even in case of large size tiles, and reduces significantly efflorescence formation and triacetate rising in joints. The membrane is composed of a high density polyethylene sheet with conical truncated studs each with a semi-circular base on which a non-woven polypropylene water-permeable fabric is thermo-welded. The membrane underside has a polypropylene spunbond that ensures the right bonding of the membrane to the support. The system is completed with a cement adhesive class C2TS1 for the bonding of the membrane. The uncoupling and vapour management properties of PRODESO® DRAIN 5 guarantees the laying even in not perfectly cured supports. Easy and quick to install, PRODESO® DRAIN 5 has an overall thickness of only 5 mm.


PRODESO® DRAIN 8is a patented membrane, for drainage, uncoupling and waterproofing, with a total thickness of 8 mm, which can be installed even on not perfectly cured screeds. The “air chamber” below the pavement drains the water that infiltrated below it, helps a quick drying of the adhesive and effectively reduces the rise of triacetates and the appearance of efflorescence. The system, ideal for a correct laying on terraces and balconies even of large slabs, is completed with a band of polyethylene and elastic polypropylene and with a two-component waterproofing adhesive. Quick and easy to install, PRODESO® DRAIN 8 is very versatile and guarantees long life for outdoor flooring.


PROTERRACE DOUBLE DRIPis an aluminum perimeter profile designed to protect the edges of the tiles on terraces, balconies and sidewalks and to ensure correct water flow. The profile is equipped with a spacer that guarantees its correct positioning and an adhesive strip that prevents the silicone from obstructing the drainage holes. The double drip allows the drainage water to flow out in case of application with PRODESO DRAIN draining membrane. For a correct connection of the profile to the waterproofing system, it is necessary to use PROBAND 150 glued with PROBAND KOLL / PROBAND KOLL AB. On request, the product is also available with a special SEASIDE PRE-TREATMENT, which increases its resistance to corrosion when it is required to be laid in front of the sea.


PROTERRACE UNDER EDGE is a perimeter profile in painted aluminum to be installed under the ceramic and marble edges of terraces, balconies and windowsills, and to ensure proper water flow. The profile is equipped with a fixing flange with small holes for mechanical anchoring with screws. The profile is available in two versions, a “C” model, which can be installed on pre-existing structures by fixing it with PRODAN FIX and screws. The “L” model can be installed either when laying the ceramic edges, or as a terminal dripguard of under-porches by fixing it with PROBAND FIX and screws. PROBAND 150 glued with PROBAND KOLL is required for the correct connection of the “L” profile to the waterproofing system. The Product is also available on request with special SEASIDE PRE-TREATMENT, which increases its corrosion resistance when it is required to be installed in beachfront environments.


PROSHOWER BASE L PRO is a stainless steel AISI 316L / 1.4404 – V4A drain for the realisation of floor-level and for wall shower drain. This drain is available in different lengths and equipped with different grids. The reduced thickness grid has excellent chemical resistance and is equipped with a 360° adjustable siphon.


PROSHOWER DRAIN CENTRAL PRO is a 10x10 cm stainless steel AISI 316L / 1.4404 – V4A drain for the realisation of floor-level shower. This low thickness drain is equipped with a grid that can also be tiled for floor-level drains. PROSHOWER DRAIN CENTRAL PRO has excellent chemical resistance and is equipped with a 360° adjustable siphon.


Essential lines and a design that blends with your wall. Ceramic is a material that accumulates heat and radiates it evenly. PROHEATER by Progress Profiles is our new range of tiled heating systems with a modern design, to furnish your bathroom with elegance. A unique product on the market, thanks to the latest generation programmable WIFI thermostat, it is possible to switch on the system even remotely and your environment will always be warm and comfortable. PROHEATER is definitely an elegant piece of furniture heating your bathroom or any other part of your house.


The PROSHELF and PROSHELF DESIGN, furnishing accessories for the shower and kitchen, are not only functional, but their contemporary design give them an elegant and minimalist look. Manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316 / 1.4404-V4A with special perforated fixing tabs that can be easily installed when tiling the wall. Available in triangle shape with size 170x240mm and 221x300mm for corner installation and rectangle shape 115x300mm and 150x400mm for wall installation. The PROSHELF version is tile-in shelf that assures a perfect continuity of the surface whereas the thin-shaped PROSHELF DESIGN enhances its minimalist design.