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Proflex 25

An advanced expansion joint in co-extruded vinyl resin, for use with various types of floor. Withstands frequent pedestrian and even vehicular traffic.


PROFLEX 25 H: 25 mm is a new expansion joint made of coextruded vinyl resin available in two standard colours – dark grey (GS) and light grey (GL). PROFLEX 25 H: 25 mm provides elastic expansion joints for various kinds of flooring, such as marble or granite, and especially floors made with Sasso Italia. The new decorative indoor and outdoor flooring also known as SASSO ITALIA is approx. 25 mm thick and laid over a 10-20 mm base of cement/ concrete. This kind of floor needs an expansion/control joint every 16-30 m3 of material to avoid cracking caused by the floor’s expansion. PROFLEX H: 25 mm lets you place a GP 20 EXTENSION JOINT at the bottom in order to apply/lay the joint inside the concrete base. It can withstand the frequent passage of pedestrians and vehicles (forklifts, pallet trucks, automobiles). The joint must be installed at the same level of the floor or 0.5-1 mm lower (never above). HIGH RESISTANCE TO LOADS AND TO FREQUENT TRAFFIC OF PALLET TRUCKS AND FORKLIFTS.
  • NON-TOXIC VINYL RESIN COEXTRUSION bar length 2,5 LM - pack. 20 Pcs - 50 LM

    • PFXGP 45...45View colours
    • PFX 25...25View colours
    • GP 2020View colours
    • Available in the colours: GS - GL. The code of the selected colour must be added to the article code. E.g.: PFX 25 .. (chosen colour Dark Grey) PFX 25GS.

Available colours