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Prolevall 358

A transition profile in polished brass, available in self-adhesive and drilled versions, for forming clean, elegant joins between existing, different level floor sections in similar or different materials.


PROLEVALL 358 are transition profiles in polished extruded brass, available in the self-adhesive or punched versions. They are used to give a clean-cut, elegant finish when joining and compensating differences in level of floors that are already laid and in differing or same materials e.g. ceramic tiles-wood-parquet-marble, etc. They join and compensate a thickness between 7 and 9 mm. PROLEVALL ensures a perfect finish with little height, covering any flaws created during laying, while the contoured edges guarantee perfect adherence to the floor.
  • POLISHED BRASS - thermo packed bar length 2,7 LM - pack. 20 Pcs - 54 LM

  • POLISHED BRASS - thermo packed bar length 0,90 LM - pack. 20 Pcs

Available colours