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Proslider kl all

A gradually sloping transition profile for joins between Kerlite/Laminam and thin ceramic tile, wood and existing floors.


PROSLIDER KL ALL is a slide shape progressive transition terminal square suitable for connecting perfectly without steps two floor levels. The particular strength of the square allows to resist and bear heavy loads and frequent passages of manual trolleys and motor vehicles besides protecting the edge of the higher floor. The PROSLIDER KL is especially used to connect LA Kerlite/Laminam and thin ceramic tiles to each other or else it is used with wood and/or a pre-existing floor. Available in anodized aluminium.
  • silver ANODISED ALUMINIUM - thermo packed bar length 2,7 LM - pack. 40 Pcs - 108 LM

    • PDKLAA 0454,5Anodised Silver Aluminium

Available colours