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uncoupling, draining and waterpoofing membrane

PRODESO® DRAIN SYSTEM is a waterproof, draining, uncouplig membrane that allows the vapout managment, with a thickness of only 5 mm. The membrane is composed of a high density polyethylene sheet to which a draining layer is thermo-welded at the top; a non-woven polypropylene fabric is glued to the bottom. The  reliefs of the poliethylene sheet, create an “air chamber” under the the tiles which favors the movement of the air and allows the drainage and rapid drying of the adhesive preventing the up movement of triacetates and the formation of efflorescence in the joints. Thanks to its structure, PRODESO® DRAIN can also be applied on substrates that are not perfectly cured. Its draining capacity makes it particularly suitable for laying big sizes both indoors and outdoors.

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