Edging profile in powder-coated aluminum. It is designed to protect the edges of tiles laid on terraces and balconies and to ensure proper water discharge...


Laying examples

  • 1. Choose PROTERRACE DOUBLE DRIP according to the tile thickness and desired colour. 2. Fix the external corners to the screed (at least 1 cm from it) with nails. 3. Fix the draining adhesive stripe in polyurethane on the vertical side of the profile. 4. Cut the PROTERRACE DOUBLE DRIP at desired length joining it to the corners using the linking elements and fix it with nails to the substrate. 5. Lay the desired waterproofing system. 6. Lay the tiles leaving at 5 mm between the tile and the profile. 7. Seal the space between tile and profile with PROBAND FIX (PRBFX).