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Mortar-laid joints pvc

An elastic movement joint in co-extruded vinyl resin, for use with mortar-laid floors, suitable for pedestrian traffic. Absorbs compressive and sliding stress.


MORTAR-LAID MOVEMENT JOINTS are a range of joints in co-extruded vinyl resin with the flanges and vertical supports made in rigid synthetic vinyl resin and the elastic central part in flexible synthetic vinyl resin. The mortar-laid joints must be placed at least 0.5-1mm below the level of the ceramic tile-marble-granite floor and never above. Suitable for pedestrian traffic, they absorb compressive and slip stress. Laying modules between 16 and 30 m3 inclusive are recommended and the joint laid in line with the joints in the underlying screed. Available in various colours and heights.
  • CO-EXTRUDED VINYL RESIN bar length 2,5 LM - pack. 25 Pcs - 50 LM (C513 - pack. 50 LM)

    • C511...8 x 25View colours
    • C512...8 x 35View colours
    • C513...8 x 45View colours
    • ARTICLES NOT FOR SALE SINGLY Available combinations: GS - GT - GL. The code of the selected colour must be added to the article code. E.g.: C511... (combination chosen colour Dark Grey / Transparent) C511 GT.