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Proflex 5 pr

A perimeter joint in co-extruded vinyl resin for linking floors with walls, and walls with doors or windows. Prevents noise propagation and the formation of sound bridges.


PROFLEX 5 PR is a perimeter joint made of coextruded vinyl resin that can be used to connect the floor to the wall lining or the wall lining to doors and windows and/or to any other kind of lining. The 5 mm elastic part (exposed) allows the floor/lining to expand as necessary. PROFLEX 5 PR prevents and dampens the propagation of sound waves and the forming of sound bridges. Available in dark grey, light grey, Beige and ivory, in various heights H: 4,5-6-8-10-12,5 mm.
  • VINYL RESIN - bar length 2,5 LM - pack. 40 Pcs - 100 LM

    • PFX5PR 045...4,5View colours
    • PFX5PR 06...6View colours
    • PFX5PR 08...8View colours
    • PFX5PR 10...10View colours
    • PFX5PR 125...12,5View colours
    • PFX5PR 15...15View colours
    • Insert available in the colours: GS-GL (Beige and Ivory available upon request with a minimum quantity order of 500 LM). The code of the selected colour must be added to the article code. E.g.: PFX5PR 045... (chosen insert colour Dark Grey) PFX5PR 045GS