Proterrace eco

A range of edging and finishing profiles for protecting the edges of terraces and balconies. Incorporates an 8 – 10 mm lip for retaining and edging ceramic tile and a drainage flange for protecting the screed.


PROTERRACE ECO is a range of edging profiles for finishing and protecting the concrete front edges of terraces and balconies. The profile is made in natural aluminium with a tile retaining and finishing edge H: 08 & 10mm in height plus a drainage corner to protect the screed. PROTERRACE ECO can be laid flush with or detached from the screed according to whether the tiles are laid flush with or protruding from the screed.
  • NATURAL ALUMINIUM bar length 2,7 LM - pack. 20 Pcs - 54 LM

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Laying examples

Available colours

Available sections

  • PTEE 08AN
  • PTEE 10AN
  • PTEE 08AA
  • PTEE 10AA